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At the Institute of Information Technology (I.I.T), we aim to follow the vision of Quaid-i-Azam University i.e., to strive for the eminence in teaching, services, research, and innovation. I.I.T offers undergraduate program in Information Technology (BS-IT) which is purely a skill oriented degree. Our students are known to have a very strong theoretical background of the computing and other related courses. Equipping our students with latest technologies and exposing them to the real word problems is our core strategy. Students are exposed to real world scenarios through mockup interviews, recruitment drives and job fairs that provide them with a sense of achievement. Furthermore, creating a friendly learning environment is our top priority. We are committed to develop better form of education, easy access of knowledge, best usage of modern technology and mainly shaping students as responsible and honorable part of the society. With our far-reaching and research-oriented approach we are dedicated to build an environment that build intellects which not only perform well in their field but also prove themselves as key players in their respective areas.

At I.I.T, we also offer graduate degree programs i.e., MS and PHD. We intend to make these programs completely research oriented; We are in process of signing MoUs with several international and reputable research labs that will help our students to perform their research on real life problems.


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The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree delivers a blend of IT knowledge and skills. The primary goal of the program is to develop not just competent IT specialists, but also successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and team players. The program also emphasizes the development of IT professionals who have a beneficial influence on society by displaying moral courage, social and ethical responsibility.


The curriculum aims to address the broad range of changes that have occurred in the information and computing industry in recent years. Check Here

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IIT Society

  • Aims include the practise and dissemination of professional and social activities, as well as the promotion of professional development and philanthropic causes.

  • To overcome the barriers to effective communication between students and faculty by serving as a conduit between them.

  • IIT society strives to engage the students of the Institute in healthy activities in order to encourage teamwork and instil in them a sense of responsibility and ownership.



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